Sunday, 14 February 2016

Warhammer 40K

 **Click here for a video of a brave chap getting a VOID STALKER TATTOO created**

Designing from scratch a DreadNought. That was the most rewarding part of designing the covers, creating something thats aim was to stand out as unique. I would work up thousands of layers on just this one design.Creating the smallest of metalwork then reshaping..flattening ..then reshaping multiple times. I never used any modelling software, just Photoshop CS2 ,and no more than a dozen tools.Keeping the tools to a minimum would for me keep the pictures looking fresh.I wasnt a huge digital art fan but for me it was the only way to create big scenes and complex designs within a reasonable time frame.


Architect of Fate
Catechism of Hate close Ups
Catechism of Hate
Tyranid concept art for Catechism of Hate

Seige of Castellax (full wraparound + more)

Rynn`s World
WRATH of IRON artwork and designs

Designs before re-lighting + finishing off detailing. This character design stage concentrates on structure. The detailing and re-lighting and defining will begin when I introduce these into the background/foreground design as that stage will dictate level of details and lighting /colour/detailing/re-shaping



The Purging of Kadillus + designs

Mortarion`s Heart

The Hunt for Voldorius ( full wraparound artwork)


The Ascension of Balthasar

The Ascension of Balthasar

                                                 Death Wolf & Blood Spire concept art 


The Gildar Rift + designs

                               Soul Hunter  /  Blood Reaver /   Void Stalker

`Mock Up` Stage
These the first Rough concept designs of the characters (for Soul Hunter) to appear on the cover
At this point I am not concerned with lighting /colour/ blending/realism or details.
Just purely thinking structure at this stage. 


ORK INN (2013)
 11 hours to complete.Artwork started  Christmas eve and finished in early hours of Christmas day.Challenge from the facebook 40k fans to come up with an 40k/Christmas artwork theme.

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